Tuesday, April 18, 2006

How is it going at RUCU Hills?

I was glad to hear from "dontdothat" today! I would love to hear from more of you about how things are going with the Reading/Comprehension program....
  • what level are you at?
  • how many golds do you have?
  • what activities have you really enjoyed?
  • what activities did you want to skip?

Looking forward to hearing from more of you.



Ime....I want to hear how things are going with the Reading Upgrade program. What level are you at? How many golds do you have? What are you better at now?

Congratulations dontdothat!

WOW! Dontdothat....you are doing so well! Only 11 left to upgrade! That is great. I am thrilled that you are reading longer words. That must feel great. Congratulations....from Technogal

To Stephanie and Jeremy

Do you like the music on this program? yes or no Do you think it is better to learn on the computer or without it yes or no? I think it is helping me read and learn new things that I don't know. from Ryan

Gold Man

I am on level 47 and I have 37 golds and only 11 to upgrade!!! I think the program is helping me a lot. Now I can read the longer words just like understand and that was my first time reading understand. I just looked at it and read understand!! How do you think it is?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I answered back

I think it does not help.I think it is boring.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Thanks Slycooper!

Thanks for your comments, Slycooper! Congratulations on completing 50 levels! I am glad to hear that you are going to work to improve your bronze into silver. Do you think the program is helping to improve your reading skills? Do you think that your time using the program is well spent or do you think you could improve your reading skills just by reading? Maybe I will see you tomorrow at KHPS.

things to change

I am done all the levels and I wish all the levels were like level 50. I like level because it is not as annoying as other levels. There was no song on level 50, just a guy talking and telling you what you are suppose to do. It is like a mystery level and you have to click on a key, then click on a door. I wish all the levels were like this. I think in level 48 it was really annoying because if you get one wrong you have to start all over again. I am doing review now and turning all the bronze into silver. I wish there was a skip button for the talking after you have completed all the levels and review.